Director Message

Director Message

Education is the key to develop human capital and increase the skills and knowledge of an individual. The Sixth India Plan has reiterated the importance of human capital development and the Government has allocated billions for higher education and training programmes under the 2008 budget.
Nilaai will continuously explore and develop new programmes to target the changing education needs of students by working with top notch colleges. 
Nilaai has also ventured into corporate training, consultancy and other related businesses. 
The Group is gearing towards the State’s goal of making Ranchi an education hub by promoting the recruitment students through its global network and direct recruitment from source countries. The launch of our flagship campus at Thakurgaon and the introduction of a broader range of academic courses have further enhanced Nilaai position as a leading education provider. 
Nilaai is poised to move forward to create new growth platforms as India’s leading education provider driven by high performance and high accountability.
Dr. (Prof.) Madan Jha
Director (Engineering)