Prof. Ashutosh Dept. of Civil Engg.B.E.(Faculty of Engg. & Technology), M.Tech* International Publication: 3 National Publication:23 Yrs.
Prof. Injras Kamal Bara HoD.,Dept. Of Civil engg.B.Tech(BIT Sindri), M.Tech* International Publication:1 National Publication:1 Conference/WS/Seminar:23 Yrs.
Prof.Vimal Kumar Dept. of Civil Engg.B.Tech (RU), M.Tech*(NIT Warangal) International Publication:1 National Publication: None Seminar/WS/Conference: 03 Yrs.
Prof.A.K. Verma Dept. of Mathematics (Ex. Dean of Students affairs, CIT RNC)B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D*(BIT Mesra) International Publications:6 National Publication:3 Workshop/Conference:311 Yrs.
Prof.(Dr.) A.K.Singh HoD.,Dept. of MathematicsB.Sc, M.Sc.,Ph.D (BIT Mesra) International Publications:5 National Publications:8 Workshop/Conference:29 Yrs.
Prof. Umakant Manjhi Dept. of Mathematics (Ex-Professor,PPK College, Bundu)B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D* International Publications:2 National Publication:2 UGC Programme:223 Yrs.
Prof.(Ms)Sweta Rani HoD,Dept. of PhysicsB.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D*(Ranchi Univ.) International Publication:3 National Publication: 2 Conference:14 Yrs.
Prof. (Dr.)S.P.Mishra HoD.,Dept. of ChemistryB.Sc, M.Sc.,Ph.D* International Publication:2 National Publication:116 Yrs.
Prof. R. Ranjan Sinha Dept. of ChemistryM.Sc M.Tech, Ph.D*(ISM Dhanbad) International Publication:5 National Publication:3 Book Published:17 Yrs.
Prof.(Mrs.)A.Kumari Dept. of EnglishMA (RU),Ph.D*(Ranchi Univ.) International Publication:1 National Publication:45 Yrs.
Prof. Amardeep Dept. of EnglishPG (BHU, Varanasi) Seminar/Workshop:IIT Kharagpur7 Yrs.
Well qualified and experienced faculty members form the department. They are specialized in structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources, transportation, surveying, and construction engineering, as well as management, remote sensing and GIS. The faculty members contribute to academic development by participating and learning from QIPs organized by different IITs and presenting papers in international and national conferences. The labs are well equipped with state of the art equipment.