About NIS

About NIS

NILAAI implementing Prime Minister Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY-TI) through AICTE, during off college hours to impart unemployed youth the Engineering skills and find placement in suitable private sector jobs.
The main objective of the Scheme is to impart Engineering Skills for youth in the next three years. It is aimed to:
  1. We are ready with best use of available infrastructure of higher education system during off hours for skill training.
  2. Provide employable and certifiable skills based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) with necessary soft skills to the school dropouts who want to pursue/attain higher order skills and living in the vicinity of College.
  3. Provide for up-gradation and certification of traditional/acquired skills of the learners irrespective of their age;
  4. Provide opportunities for community-based life-long learning by offering courses of general interest to the community for personal development and interest;
  5. Offer bridge courses to certificate holder of general/ vocational education, so as to bring them at par with appropriate NSQF level.
  6. Provide entrepreneurial orientation along with required skills, trained for self-employment and entrepreneurship development.
  7. Provide Post Placement support, Tracking and Monitoring