Principal Message

Principal Message

Established in 2009, NILAAI has come to be known as the destination of choice for aspiring engineers throughout India. A combination of the futuristic vision, meticulous planning and abiding commitments, are the hallmarks of all NILAAI ventures and is the key to this position of eminence.
Learning technology in such a multifaceted environment is an experience by itself. Engineering is not just a formal education, but is an excellent generic intellectual qualification to develop students as scientist-engineers. We believe that engineering education opens opportunities for any endeavours one could think off, as it combines theory and practice judiciously.
With the globalization of economy, opportunities for scientist-engineers are immense. Engineers must therefore pursue and enhance their engineering career, to realize the opportunities that the globalized world is presenting. Engineers have contributed greatly to technology in the past and we are convinced that NILAAI Scientist-Engineers, in not so distant a future, will be in the forefront of technological progress, given the right inputs during their formative years. Centredaround this philosophy, the vision for the 21st Century and the pragmatism shown by the management to turn this into a reality are palpable at every step, the moment you step into NILAAI campus.
Prof. (Dr.) MADAN JHA
Principal/Director Engg.